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Affordable, Effective, Independent Research


Market Research Bulletins

These market research bulletins are free exclusively to college and university personnel. Others interested in these reports should contact Student Insights at



The Path to College
(January, 2021)

Enhancing School Counselor Support for High School Seniors

This ten-page report, based on feedback from more than 10,000 high school seniors, provides useful ideas on helping students successfully navigate their path to college.

  • How students rate school counselors’ support in their college search and application process
  • Recommendations to improve school counselor support

Communication Mistakes
(March, 2020)

What are the biggest communication mistakes made by colleges and universities?  Student Insights asked high school seniors to give their perspectives. 
This eight-page report identifies several key opportunities to improve communications overall and within specific demographic segments.

Power Words
(March, 2020)

Words matter.  Whether in advertisements, brochures, emails, or even personal interactions with prospective college students, colleges should use the words that have the most favorable impact.
This six-page report examines how students perceive 90 commonly-used words and themes, showing the favorable or unfavorable impact of each.

HBCU Interest
(March, 2020)

Interest in HBCUs is growing.  This four-page report quantifies this growth and identifies specific demographics and geographies where interest is highest.