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Affordable, Effective, Independent Research


Student-View™ Report

The Student-View Report provides cost-effective answers to important higher education questions.

  • How effectively do you reach prospective students?
  • Does your institution suffer a gap in awareness, perception, or both?
  • How is your institution positioned versus key competitors?
  • How is your institution positioned in key demographic segments defined by student gender, race, family income, SAT/ACT score, detailed geographic regions, and intended majors?
  • How do students describe your school and rate its academics, tuition, facilities and other key attributes?
  • What barriers prevent students from considering your institution?

The Student-View Report is based on our annual independent online survey
of more than 50,000 high school seniors.
Student-View Reports are available in several levels of detail
starting at just $300.

About the Student-View Report

Successful college marketing programs achieve two basic goals:

  • Build high levels of awareness among prospective students
  • Create a positive perception of the institution among those students

Only a small number of institutions achieve the ideal position of having both high awareness and favorable perception. Many institutions have a gap in awareness or perception. Some institutions have a gap in both. Where does your institution fit?



The Right Report For You

 The Student-View Report provides a variety of analysis for institutions based on survey feedback from seniors in a single state. The report comes in five levels that meet the market research needs of every institution and fit within a range of budgets.

Level One
Level Two
Level Three
Level Four
Level Five
Overall Market Position 8
Yes Yes Yes
Segmented Market Position 25
Yes Yes Yes
Segmented Consideration
Yes Yes Yes
Cross Consideration 1 Yes Yes Yes
Top Segment Analysis 1   Yes Yes
Attribute Ratings 6 Yes Yes
Attribute Comparison 5 Yes Yes
Barriers to Consideration 1   Yes
Descriptions 10 Yes
Recommendations 2 Yes
Advertising Recall 8 Yes
Interaction Ratings 5 Yes
Financial Aid Comparison
5         Yes
* The Level Four and Level Five reports are generally
available on a pre-order basis only.


Level One ($300) – This basic report is an effective, low-cost tool for institutions with very limited budgets.  It is ideal for establishing benchmarks, measuring results on an annual basis, and monitoring key competitors in the market.

Level Two ($1,600) –This report is a highly-affordable tool for identifying an institution’s strengths and weaknesses in specific market segments, enabling more effective targeting of limited resources.

Level Three ($3,200) –The Level Three report shows students’ actual levels of consideration and application for an institution and its key competitors, cross-application rates between colleges, consideration in specific market segments, and an institution’s areas of competitive strength. This report moves beyond students’ attitudes to measure their actual behaviors.

Level Four ($5,200) – The Level Four report shows how an institution and its competitors compare on 16 core attributes. It also identifies the specific reasons why students do and do not consider attending, providing an even more detailed basis for managing institutional communications.

Level Five ($6,600) – The Level Five report is a complete market research tool which measures an institution’s advertising recall for a range of media. It also provides effectiveness ratings for websites, emails, phone calls and other types of interactions with students. Lastly, it shows students’ top-of-mind likes and dislikes about an institution and how to improve its communications.

See what others are saying!

The Student-View Report is a valuable tool for college marketing and admission teams alike. Don't just take our word for it – see what others are saying.

Contact us to order your report and learn more about the
Student-View Report for your college or university